Four takeaways from the NBA playoffs so far

May is the best time of year for an NBA fan, with the playoffs entering full swing. It seems as if nearly every night, a number of the game’s biggest stars are decking it out on the National stage. Here are four takeaways from all of the NBA.

| Sports Editor

Why are the Detroit Pistons serving as this year’s NBA giant-killers?

It would be one thing if these games were anomalies, random nights where they somehow became greater than the sum of their parts. But the Pistons keep beating the NBA’s best.

| Senior Sports Editor

Grit and Grind rides again: How the Memphis Grizzlies provide hope for brighter days to come

That things are looking up for the Grizzlies is a reminder that our hellish present will eventually become the past.

| Senior Sports Editor

Unpacking the true meaning of ‘white basketball’

It’s hard to ward off the feeling that “white basketball” is the manifestation of the same racial categorizations that kept black players from playing quarterback in the NFL. 

| Senior Sports Editor

A heartfelt farewell to these Rockets

For me, it was never about the Rockets winning it all.

Josh Shapiro | Senior Sports Editor

Matt’s Musings: Celebrating 30 years of ‘Inside the NBA’

The NBA returned earlier this week, and there is a whole lot to be excited about. But nothing is more exciting for me, personally, than the return of the best sports television show on the air: “Inside the NBA.”

Matt Singer | Contributing Writer

I’d do it all over again: My hottest sports hot take

Over half a decade ago, the Brooklyn Nets made what has been described as the “worst trade in sports history.” I believe that the trade was not only not as bad as recounted, but, dare I say, good.

| Staff Reporter

The end of an era: Meditating on the NBA post-LeBron James

For the first time since the 2004-2005 NBA season, LeBron James will not be in the playoffs. After joining the Los Angeles Lakers, a young team in a fiercely competitive conference, James will be at home with the rest of us this spring, sipping wine with his kids while other players compete for a championship. It’s almost impossible to imagine: playoff basketball without LeBron. While there are plenty of great players who will be competing this April and May, none of them are LeBron.

Dorian Debose | Senior Sports Editor

If the Cavs shock everyone, Collin Sexton will be the reason why

It’s been 115 days since LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers. While it seems as though the Cavs are off to a rocky start, I, as one of the few real fans left, still have hope. The 19-year old phenom that they just drafted with the eighth pick is the reason.

Heman Duplechan | Staff Reporter

Anything is possible: The endless opportunities of a new NBA season

Despite Kevin Garnett’s best intentions, these are absolutes; not quite anything is possible. But despite the predetermined outcome, the Student Life sports staff is still looking forward to tipoff Tuesday night. Here’s what we’re looking forward to seeing.

Sports Staff

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