Opinion Submission: It is time we fight every nationalism

We cannot only combat nationalism in America. Nationalism, wherever it is found, structurally privileges some group of people in an unjustifiable manner.

| Class of 2022

Op-Ed: We Must Fight Authoritarianism in India

However, the recent protests against the CAA across 30 US cities show that there are still many who vehemently oppose the CAA and NRC, and see that the Modi government’s latest moves are paving the way to genocide.

Arushee Agarwal and Rohan Palacios | Class of 2020 and 2021

American “Exceptionalism”

Last week, I was chatting with a few friends and happened to bring up the state of the Chinese economy. China’s economy, which had been experiencing double-digit growth for two decades, has slowed. One of my friends positively perked up, doing a little jazz-hands move usually reserved for Super Bowl touchdowns and sorority bid acceptances.

| Senior Forum Editor

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