What’s in a Name?

President’s Day is coming up and I think it’s time to reflect on an experience common to almost all non-local Wash. U. students. After the initial excitement of getting into Washington University, one of the nation’s most highly ranked universities, it’s natural to want to share the excitement with your friends. Unfortunately for you, your friends aren’t quite sure how to respond to your enthusiasm. I mean, Washington State isn’t that good.

| Forum Editor

Wash U. can name it!

Fascinated by nomenclature? How about food? Fame? Glory? Dining Services is offering Wash. U. students and the surrounding community the opportunity to name next year’s dining options at the new South 40 House. This process includes two rounds, the first of which is currently open. Anyone can fill out a survey and submit ideas for the names of many stations, opening in August 2010.

| News Editor

Change our name to Eliot University

There are many reasons why our name, “Washington University in St. Louis,” is a good one—but we should change it.

| Forum Editor

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