Nadeem Saddiqui

Wage increase for employees has no effect on students

Students hoping for a wage increase along with Washington University’s full-time employees shouldn’t get their hopes up. As of July 1, the minimum hourly wage for full-time, permanent University employees was increased from $10 to $10.50. The amount is significantly more than Missouri’s required minimum wage of $7.

| News Editor

Change worries students: Food price hikes raise concern, reflect overlapping factors

For students wondering if the price of a sandwich is 5 cents higher than it was last year—no, they’re not crazy. Student concern over high campus food prices has mounted as the prices continue to rise while portions meanwhile remain the same or decrease.

| News Editor

Quality of life echoes Princeton Review ranks, University admins say

Washington University officials expressed satisfaction last week with the school’s high quality of life rankings in the Princeton Review this year, attributing the performance to student feedback and the hard work of administrators.

| Assignment Editor

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