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Soccer team goes viral: Players entertain with music videos

While Washington University fans might be accustomed to seeing the men’s soccer team in red and white game-day garb, a new team project has players dressed in cowboy hats, swim trunks and fanny packs. Players have filmed comic videos of themselves singing and dancing on four road trips this season and intend to continue this experiment in music video production.

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Top 5 music-based YouTube memes

It’s that time in the semester where procrastination seems to take over and work gets put to the wayside. We in Cadenza like to turn to YouTube to keep ourselves occupied, and here are five of our favorites. 5. Literal music videos Do you feel like music videos should have something to do with the actual song?

| Cadenza Reporter

In Defense of: Lady Gaga’s Born This Way music videos

Lady Gaga released her second studio album, “Born This Way,” this past May, but up to this day she has been under fire for her use of uncensored sexuality, extreme messages, religious symbolism and overall obscurity in her music videos.

| Cadenza Reporter

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