“Recontextualized” puts student art in a professional museum

This Saturday, Oct. 13, undergraduate and graduate students have their work showcased in a pop-up art exhibit titled “Recontextualized” at the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM). The opportunity for student work to be displayed in a professional, off-campus setting does not come often, especially in a space as distinguished and well-respected as the museum in downtown St.

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Best museum

Where in St. Louis can you hop in a flight simulator, sleep under the stars and construct a (sort of) giant arch? In one afternoon? For free? The answer, of course, is the Science Center, conveniently located in the giant backyard we call Forest Park.

Soldiers’ Memorial Military Museum

Located downtown, the Soldiers’ Memorial is often overlooked when one thinks of St. Louis museums. A mere half mile from Union Station, the memorial has served as a testament to the soldiers from Missouri, who, according to the museum’s Web site, “made the supreme sacrifice in the [first] World War.” Its construction is actually a somewhat tragic story.

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St. Louis Art Museum review

Located in Forest Park, about a 15-minute walk from the center of campus, the St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM) houses strong collections of contemporary art and decorative arts and design.

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For the blind man

Contemporary art will always inspire fierce debates; this is undeniable. What is or is not art? Is modern art of comparable quality to previous bodies of work or artistic movements? Art can be variously defined; but, in general terms, it is often described as something that gives rise to emotions in the viewer.

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Economy poses no threat to Kemper

With the recent news that Brandeis University will be closing its Rose Art Museum, many are concerned about the future of Washington University’s Kemper Art Museum. Brandeis University is closing its art museum in an effort to alleviate some of the stress placed on the liberal arts school by the economic crisis. There appears to […]

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