Mother’s bar

Mothers bar response is a model for student activism

We throw around a lot of meaningless, quasi-inspirational slogans about creating change. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world,” we say, channeling Margaret Mead.

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Students discuss penalty for Mothers, issues of racism at town hall forum

Students expressed anger at the Original Mothers bar and demanded that the establishment issue an apology and return students’ money at a town hall forum Monday night.

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New allegations surface against Mother’s Original

According to Alan Griffin, a 27-year-old Chicago native, discrimination is nothing new to Mother’s Bar. Griffin said that he experienced the same treatment as six Washington University students on two different occasions.

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Live blogging the Mother’s Bar incident town hall

The Association of Black Students, Connect4 and the Senior Class Council are hosting a town hall-style forum tonight to address students’ reactions to the alleged discrimination that took place at the Original Mothers Bar during the senior class trip to Chicago two weeks ago.

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Flyers protesting Mothers’ bar

Washington University seniors on their class trip accused a Chicago nightclub of racial discrimination over the weekend, protesting nearby after the club allegedly denied entry to six black male students because of their race.

Mother’s Bar incident should compel boycott, activism

The recent instance of racism directed at six seniors during the class trip to Chicago last weekend is a stunning reminder of the racism that still exists in our world. Two hundred members of the senior class experienced racism firsthand, when six black students were denied entry to Mother’s Nightclub Original bar due to their “baggy jeans,” even as several white students with baggier jeans were allowed in.

Students protest race discrimination at Chicago bar during senior class trip

Around 200 Washington University students participated in a protest Sunday morning in Chicago in response to what is being called an act of racial discrimination that occurred at Mother’s Night Club Original bar the night before.

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