Mitt Romney

Former governor Romney discusses state of nation, policy preferences

Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney spoke about the future of the United States, his experience in the public and private sectors and his personal political views to a packed crowd at Graham Chapel Monday.

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Marry Me!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single co-ed in possession of a good GPA must be in want of a husband…am I right, ladies? Well, us womenfolk are in luck. After all, College Magazine just ranked Wash. U. as the third-best university in the country to find a husband, right behind Brigham Young University and the U.S. Military Academy. No mention of Wash.

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The majority of Washington University students voted contrary to Missouri voters but in accord with the nation in re-electing Barack Obama to the office of United States President.

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Candidates fly past one another in presidential debate

In the presidential debate at Hofstra University on Tuesday night, the moderator wasn’t the only one on stage that the candidates ignored. Whether it was about Governor Romney’s tax plan or President Obama’s record on energy independence, both candidates blatantly accused each other of false statements again and again and again.

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Beyond Big Bird: The top five reasons to keep PBS

At a debate where he was declared the winner by virtually every news channel, Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney did make one major gaffe. He called for federal funding to PBS to be eliminated, despite the fact that he loved Big Bird.

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Staff Editorial: A true injustice to our university

On Wednesday night, the next four years of our great nation will truly begin to take shape as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney square off at the University of Denver in the first of four major debates leading up to the 2012 election. After months of campaigning and questionable statements, the two candidates will finally go face to face. Too bad it’s all a giant sham.

The Ivory Soapbox: ‘Rescuing Romney’

This past week has marked two important moments in the 2012 presidential campaign. First, a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll taken between Sept. 9 and 11 shows President Barack Obama enjoying a seven-point lead in Ohio and five-point leads in Virginia and Florida.

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NBC’s Chuck Todd talks election 2012

NBC’s Chuck Todd filled Graham Chapel with people and occasional chuckles while talking about what people can expect from the 2012 election: a close race.

NBC’s Chuck Todd talks election 2012

Filling Graham Chapel with people and occasional chuckles, NBC’s Chuck Todd talked about what people can expect from the 2012 election: a close race.

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