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Editor’s Note Episode 20: Proposed MO bill threatens protest

In this week’s episode, we explore what’s in a proposed Missouri law and what it would mean for student protesters.

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University publicly opposes controversial amendment

Amendment 3, one of the proposed changes to Missouri’s constitution that will appear on Missouri ballots Nov. 8, has voters split due to its scope of issues and precise wording. Though Washington University generally makes a commitment to remaining politically neutral, it has taken a public stance against the proposal.

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New Missouri gun laws loosen restrictions, anti-gun violence initiative faces setbacks

Following the passage of recent Missouri gun legislation, Washington University—though a private campus with an anti-firearm policy—may see setbacks to the progress made by an anti-gun violence public health initiative led by Risa Zwerling Wrighton last year.

Eric Judson | Contributing Reporter

DWI sentence escalated in Missouri by unanimous vote

A new bill enacted by the Missouri state legislature targets repeat drunk-driving offenders. It marks a substantial step toward safer roads for college students and other drivers by keeping convicted DWI violators off the roads.

| Contributing Reporter

Textbook law protects students’ wallets

In response to growing concerns about high textbook prices, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt passed a bill that will require textbook manufacturers to be more transparent in their pricing. The bill, passed on Jun. 25, goes into effect on Aug. 28 and will force textbook manufacturers to publish precisely what information has been changed between revisions […]

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