Josh Hawley, No Nut November, and the masculinity problem

No Nut November: The annual challenge where WashU students decide to take a break from Larkin Love for a month, and, perhaps, Senator Josh Hawley gets bored of destroying our democracy by participating in No Nut November himself?

| Junior Sports Editor

The case of the missing women: A physics department mystery

We may never know why there are so few women in the physics department. It’s one of life’s great unanswerable questions, like “what is the meaning of life?” and “how does Professor Katz still have a job?”

Jen McLish | Staff Writer

Legitimate things with Todd Akin

I’m really appalled that one chick won Mr. Wash. U. She’s not a mister; she’s a mistress. I’ve never met her before, but her uterus should automatically disqualify her. Men are an oppressed and underrepresented minority at Wash. U. What about men’s rights? It was bad enough when we started letting women drive, but this is straight-up illegitimate.

Todd Akin

A dagger of the hive mind

Most Facebook invitations go deservedly ignored, but the announcement by Washington University Tech Entrepreneurial Venture Capital (wute.vc) that Alexis Ohanian will speak at this school merits consideration. Ohanian co-founded reddit.com, an increasingly influential website. Though wute.

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