How are we getting our software?

Washington University excels in its peer group of research institutions in advancing knowledge and conveying it to students through a world-class faculty. However, the University lags behind in providing some of the tools we need to work on our assignments, namely required software that is frequently not available to students at affordable prices.

Summer video games in review

Microsoft – “I can’t believe I’m not petting a real tiger!” The big summer news from Bill Gates’ little workshop is Kinect, the new camera peripheral for the Xbox 360. At E3, it was ushered in by Cirque de Soleil in what can only be called the most acrobatic introduction for a video game peripheral.

| Video Game Editor

Mid-semester Facebook update

A Facebook newsfeed look into the updates on the Washington University campus of the past half semester.

On your mark, get set, GO WUSTL!

Say goodbye to acorns as Squirrelmail goes into hibernation. The release date for the new GO WUSTL e-mail program has been moved forward to Wednesday. A GO WUSTL pilot program has been underway since mid-January. Student Technology Services (STS) representatives said it has been a success.

| Assignment Editor

Microsoft Web program innovates student e-mail

SquirrelMail may become obsolete on the Washington University campus this semester when the University e-mail system is replaced by the GO WUSTL e-mail program.

| Assignment Editor

[email protected] pilot program demonstrates need for change in SU communication

After receiving an influx of e-mails this summer regarding the implementation of a new e-mail system, we are still confused about the new changes. Not only are we unsure about critical details of the pilot program, but many students are unaware that this pilot program even exists. Instead, they hold the mistaken impression that all student e-mail accounts will soon be switched over to [email protected] and that this change will happen automatically.

A quick look at: Microsoft [email protected]

Students can now register to participate in the Microsoft [email protected] pilot program that is slated to begin early fall.

| Staff Reporter

Microsoft Live will power student e-mail

Student Union announced earlier this month that Washington University undergraduates will be offered an e-mail account powered by the service Microsoft [email protected] this fall.

| News Editor

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