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The life and lessons of an Uncle Joe’s co-director

Senior Emily Angstreich joined campus peer counseling resource Uncle Joe’s during her freshman fall, and has been a Joe ever since, now serving as a co-director. The program requires an intense emotional commitment and fosters a close counselor community.

| Contributing Writer

Five tips for surviving remote learning

Remote learning can be challenging, but it’s important to stay productive and engaged to set a good tone for the rest of the semester. Here are five tips to help you survive.

| Contributing Writer

Opinion Submission: How to help someone in crisis (even if that someone is you)

College is difficult for many people. If you or a friend is struggling with suicidal thoughts, here are some ways to help.

| Staff Psychologist, Habif Health and Wellness Center

What’s at stake in the SU fall elections

Key issues include the future of Greek Life and mental health on campus.

and | News Editors

Staff Editorial: Once again, we need reform, not another public safety committee

In response to the failure to partner with Behavioral Health Resources, WashU plans to create another task force. We need action, not another committee.

Editor’s Note season 2 episode 8: Mental health crisis response deal falls through

While the University announced in May that they implement changes to campus mental health crisis response, a recent Student Life investigation found that the future of this initiative is uncertain.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

Let’s do ourselves a favor and drop toxic positivity

In the long run, suppressing our negative feelings is worse for us than acknowledging them.

| Staff Writer

WUPD to continue responding to mental health crises after deal with outside provider falls through

The University had plans to partner with Behavioral Health Response, a local non-profit, but the two parties could not come to an agreement.

| News Editor

Our suggestions for combating the winter slump

The end of daylight savings time ushers in some dark and cold months. Scene writers put together a list of things that improve their mood when the weather is getting them down.

You matter: Mental health and stress culture

In an academic culture that claims to be aware of and committed to prioritizing mental health, it’s necessary to investigate why said prioritization of mental health is still failing to take place within student cultures and in student-teacher dynamics.

| Contributing Writer

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