More blue lights placed on Melville

Four new blue emergency lights have been installed along Melville Avenue. Previously, there was one light between the Overpass and Delmar Boulevard. That light was replaced, and three more were installed between Kingsbury and Delmar. The new lights are encased in a sturdier material than the old one. They are also brighter and easier to spot from a distance.

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Melville construction to connect Forest Park to Creve Coeur

Students living north of campus have adjusted their walking routes to campus after construction blocking off the Melville Ave. sidewalk started on Monday.

| Staff Reporter

WU leaders work to address reports of noisy students

Rising numbers of complaints from community residents near Washington University concerning student conduct off campus prompted a “Good Neighbor” meeting between student leaders and school officials last Friday. Administrators called for a discussion and a search for solutions after what they called one of the loudest, noisiest and worst starts of the year. Josh Walehwa, […]

| Senior Sports Editor

Student assaulted, robbed on Melville

Correction Appended Below A graduate student was punched and robbed in broad daylight on Melville Avenue Wednesday afternoon, according to the Washington University Police Department. The student was walking on the street at 12:30 p.m. when the four men, described as black teenagers between 5-feet-6-inches and 5-feet-9-inches tall, asked him for money. When the student […]

| Senior News Editor

Student mugged at gunpoint near Greenway apts.

Four people mugged a female student outside the Greenway Apartments at the corner of Washington and Melville avenues at 9:20 p.m. Sunday night, holding her at gunpoint and stealing her backpack, according to Washington University Police Department Chief Don Strom.

| News Editors

Wong’s Wok

After more than two years at Wash. U., we were beginning to wonder if we would ever find great Chinese food in St. Louis. Then we tried Wong’s Wok.

| Scene Reporters

After break-ins, focus on security

Residents of the Greenway Apartments woke up last week to find that approximately 15 cars were broken into in the building’s surrounding area, prompting heightened security concerns there.

| Contributing Reporters

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