Rooted in St. Louis: The Ethnobotanical Work of Professor Memory Elvin-Lewis

Many years later, having dedicated her life to the study of medicinal plants both in the Amazon and across the world, Memory Elvin-Lewis looks back on her time in Peru with fondness. “It was a wonderful adventure, just a totally excellent and super adventure, and I miss it every day.”

| Staff Writer

Soup, symptoms and sneezes: Seven signs you know it’s flu season at WU

Your semester’s just starting to pick up, and you’re super stressed because midterms are two weeks away. In the midst of all of that, you realize you’re sick! Here are eight telltale signs it’s flu season at Washington University.

| Student Life

Survey shows sexual health appointments not a top priority

Only 38 percent of the 1,426 undergraduates who took the Student Life Sex Survey have ever visited a medical professional for sexual health reasons.

| Senior News Editor

School to offer new medical humanities minor

Sophomores and freshmen can now apply to minor in the medical humanities, a new interdisciplinary minor announced this year aimed at studying the intersection of medicine and health studies with the humanities.

| News Editor

Key immune cell may determine lung cancer susceptibility

New research at the Washington University School of Medicine has found that genetics may play a previously misunderstood role in individuals’ contraction of lung cancer.

A note to fellow pre-meds: Say “ahhh”

While frantically searching for answers for my personal statement for medical school, I realized that I am already pegged as fresh meat for the medical meat-grinding machine. I’m sure that the hundreds of pre-med students here at Wash. U. already know what lies ahead in the glorified health field, but taking a closer look at […]

| Forum Editor

Dance for the Cure: Tango improves Parkinson’s, study says

For 10 weeks, Washington University students were able to conduct medical research by dancing. They were participating in a Washington University School of Medicine project testing if 10 weeks of tango lessons can improve Parkinson’s disease symptoms involving balance and mobility better than regular exercise could.

| Contributing Reporter

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