Council’s ruling sparks an outcry over transparency

Student Union elections will take place this week, and on the ballot will be proposed constitutional changes written by Trevor Mattea. The decision for his amendments to remain on the ballot was one that confused many and caused an outcry for transparency and clarification on the part of the SU Constitutional Council and Election Commission. A grievance was filed on Feb.

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Constitutional Council: Rule in favor of students

Whenever campus politics make enough noise to catch the attention of the student body, it is usually cause for celebration. We tend to believe that Student Union recognizes this as well. So when that very government puts up obstacles when a student tries to change things, we can only react with dismay. Over the past two weeks Trevor Mattea has sought signatures for nine proposed amendments to SU’s constitution.

Proposals for SU

Our Student Union has more than 60 elected student representatives and a budget of over $2.2 million, so we have to pay attention and do our best to make informed decisions about who we elect to represent us. And if we don’t think we’re being represented, we need to consider running for office ourselves.

Trevor Mattea | Op-Ed Submission

Mattea to resign as vice president of administration

Student Union Vice President of Administration Trevor Mattea announced Monday that he would be resigning from his post in two weeks. His resignation is the second for the Montana administration, raising questions about Student Union’s internal efficacy.

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