Matisyahu: Unplugged

With his hands resting on his legs while sitting onstage in a high-set chair, Matisyahu commanded his quietly captivated listeners Thursday with the performance of three serenely delivered acoustic songs in a blend of words, hums, beatboxing and other sounds.

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VIDEO: Matisyahu sings in Graham Chapel

Reggae musician and Hasidic Jew Matisyahu spoke in Graham Chapel this Thursday, March 18th. He interspersed an unscripted question and answer session with acoustic performances of a number of songs, accompanied on guitar by Wash. U. alumnus Adam Weinberg.

| Managing Editor

Matisyahu set to entertain a large crowd

As of Monday evening, close to 600 guests have confirmed their attendance at Thursday’s “MATISYAHU” Assembly Series event inside Graham Chapel, which holds a maximum capacity of 750. The campus groups co-hosting the reggae, rock and hip hop-fusion American Hasidic Jewish artist Matisyahu also reserved May Auditorium in the Olin Business School as an overflow seating area.

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Light | Matisyahu

After listening to Matisyahu’s newest album “Light,” it would be reasonable to ask what part of Jamaica he is from. But Matisyahu is not from Jamaica. His only connection to Jamaica is that he may have enjoyed its favorite herb while being a Phish groupie during the 90s. Instead, Matisyahu is a middle-class kid from […]

| Cadenza Reporter

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