Mary Zabriskie

UrbanCents offers Groupon-type services for the WU community

UrbanCents, a new Student Entrepreneurial Program (StEP) approved business, is offering discounts at St. Louis-area businesses. The start-up, which follows a format similar to Groupon, offers students discount deals to businesses near campus, and donates a portion of its profits to charity. Juniors Julia Pockros and Clara Jaques launched UrbanCents two weeks ago.

| Contributing Reporter

Campus Life Office reaping the benefits of new director post

The merging of the director of Greek life and director of student activities into one position has brought promising results for both the Department of Campus Life and the student body.

| Staff Reporter

Students decry film licensing fees

A new push by Washington University to enforce its policy of requiring student groups to pay licensing fees for copyrighted films shown on campus is causing headaches and grumblings among many smaller student groups.

| Staff Reporter

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