Student Union urges WU to expunge alcohol and marijuana offenses from student conduct records

Student Union Senate passed a resolution urging the University to implement an expungement policy and expand it to include marijuana offenses.

| Senior News Editor

‘What’s Up with Weed?’ We’d like to know

As part of Alcohol and Other Drugs Awareness Week, the Habif Health and Wellness Center hosted “What’s up with Weed?” a panel designed to create an open dialogue and inform students about any questions they may have on marijuana on Wednesday, April 10.

Jayla Butler | Senior Editor

This week in WU history: Class fights, marijuana and pizza

A little behind on campus news? Like, 130 years behind? Olin Library just digitized StudLife’s entire archive between 1878 and 2001, so it should be plenty easy to catch up to speed.

Ali Gold | Director of Online Content

Panelists speak on the legalization of medical marijuana in Missouri

Washington University’s Young Americans for Liberty hosted the panel “Higher Quality Care: A Medical Marijuana Panel” to discuss the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Missouri Tuesday.

Kathleen White | News Editor

Expand medical amnesty to include marijuana

Starting Jan. 1, 2017 marijuana will be decriminalized in the entire state of Missouri. In response to the changing legal policy, Washington University should take a stance now and amend its Medical Amnesty policy to include marijuana.

| Staff Writer

Super Bowl XLVIII: The national game at a crossroads

For the 30th year in a row, football is America’s most popular sport, and it’s not even close. In fact, it has been America’s most popular sport ever since the Harris Poll started asking people in 1985, with more than twice as many survey respondents saying they preferred the NFL to baseball, our supposed national pastime.

| Senior Sports Editor

Blood marijuana: Where is your pot really coming from?

Issues related to human trafficking and unethically produced goods have garnered much attention from social justice groups in recent years. Thanks to these groups, we care now more than ever about the ethical production of things we consume, in particular of our luxury goods.

Aaron Hall | Contributing Writer

The ‘Green Line’: Decriminalization and Wash. U.

On June 1, the City of St. Louis became one of many cities across the country to decriminalize marijuana in minor possession cases. Since the bill went into effect, minor possession cases involving fewer than 35 grams of marijuana and violators who do not have previous criminal charges will no longer result in misdemeanor charges in state court.

High in years and on life: Grannies for Grass rallies for marijuana reform

Vickie Hoffman is a 46-year-old grandmother of three, retired bartender and strong advocate of the legalization of marijuana. A resident of Grubville, Mo., a town of fewer than 500 people, all of her life, Hoffman now dedicates much of her time to getting involved in her community, in particular with Grannies for Grass, a pro-legalization group she founded.

Claudia Vaughan | Scene Reporter

The inevitable legalization of marijuana

A few days ago happened to be April 20. No matter how secluded anyone is, after coming to college they certainly know about so-called “National Pot Day.” Marijuana culture in college is pervasive; even those who don’t actively participate or never have participated are nonetheless informed about certain well-known aspects of it.

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