The Next Marathon

It’s been mere hours since someone (or someones) took the lives of strangers into their hands for reasons that cannot possibly be justified. And I’ve found that despite my well-practiced cynicism, there’s still a nerve, a sliver of sentimentality in me that can be pinched and leave me gasping. It’s there for the obvious reason that this time, it was my city on TV.

Royce Brown | Class of 2013

Freshman Press: Life after my massive ‘Lost’ marathon

I really meant to do something with my summer. Instead I ended up with an intense addiction that caused my eyes to burn from prolonged screen exposure.

| Freshman Press Reporter

Wash. U. marathoners go the distance

There are many different types of runners on the Washington University campus. There are those who enjoy a casual treadmill workout or jog outdoors when the weather is nice and others who couple a quick estrogym visit with several Bosco sticks from the conveniently located Bear’s Den. Then, there is a completely different breed: These […]

| Scene Special Feature Editor

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