Subway vs. Panera: Dining services weighs restaurant change

Washington University administrators invited students to share their ideas about plans for the dining location in Mallinckrodt Center that is currently occupied by Subway, Nov. 22.

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Op-ed: What else do we need to do?

Students weren’t part of the conversation to eliminate the Gargoyle and Mallinckrodt 100A. Students weren’t asked how this change would impact student groups. Students weren’t asked what accommodations would be needed to handle these changes. Students weren’t included whatsoever.

Washington University Student Leaders

Student groups petition to keep Gargoyle open

Washington University notified student groups the Gargoyle and Mallinckrodt 100A would no longer be available after Commencement 2019 in an email March 2.

News Editors

Staff editorial: Student needs should come before office space

While there might be a very real need for new office space, prioritizing it over a versatile open space for student groups without seeking student input is antithetical to what the University’s mission should be.

Career fair to span 2 days, feature 130 employers

The Danforth Campus will be suited up for two days as over 130 employers attend the Fall Career Fair, which will take place on both Sept. 17 and 18 at the Mallinckrodt Center.

Alberto Farino | Contributing Reporter

Bathroom reviews: Our number 1 picks for your number 2

Look, let’s face it: there’s nothing like a quality bathroom visit to make your day that much better. Despite the fact that this campus is swimming with bathrooms, they were not all created equal.

Bank of America on campus to close until July for renovations

Starting Friday, students will have to go off campus for their banking needs. The Bank of America located on the second floor of Mallinckrodt Center will be closed from the end of the business day on Friday until July 4 because of renovations in the building. Administrators hope that the closing will have a minimal effect on students.

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