Crosswords and cardboard: A day in the life of a Hitzeman student worker

With the exception of ultra-quick crosswords, Schwartz’s morning fits the bill of a typical WashU student’s routine — coffee, studying and class. But unlike many others, he has an additional factor to consider when scheduling his days: working at the South 40 mailroom.

| Contributing Writer

Unrecognized new mailroom email address brings vocal student dissent, confusion

Missing Peggy Smith emails? Don’t worry, she’s still around—and hopefully the emails will be back soon.

| Senior News Editor

Online textbook shipments create overflow in South 40 mailroom

Packages stacked as tall as students have backlogged the South 40 mailroom, preventing many from receiving the textbooks they ordered online. Mail Services Manager Peggy Smith attributes this delay to an overwhelming number of students ordering books online at the start of the semester.

| News Editor

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