‘We have lost a significant part of the student experience on campus’: LNYF pushes forward despite Gargoyle setback

The annual Lunar New Year Festival performance will kick off Feb. 7 and 8, marking the group’s first set of shows since the loss of the Gargoyle rehearsal space.

| News Editor

Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit

Piece by piece, the execs in charge of LNYF at Wash. U. are working to recapture the spirit of East Asia’s Lunar New Year, starting with the holiday’s traditional longevity. Many international students commented that last year’s show was fun, but they missed how much of an event the Lunar New Year was back home. That’s why Wash. U.’s Lunar New Year Festival lasted a week this year, kicking off with fireworks this past Sunday, a Lunar New Year’s-themed buffet at Ibby’s yesterday and rabbit cookies sold at bakeries across campus. It’s not a month off from school, but it’s a start.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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