What to watch on Netflix (when you should be studying)

You’re in Olin Library, pretending to do work on your computer. But really, is being productive that necessary? It’s only Monday. Instead of Facebook stalking or re-reading emails, Cadenza dares you to open a new tab for Netflix. There’s no need to pretend that you actually need to study 12 hours a day; instead, take a few of those hours to start watching, or return to, some of the greatest shows currently on and off television. Here are a few of Cadenza’s favorites; happy reading week, procrastinators!

Five fictional bands we want to play W.I.L.D.

You might not like the W.I.L.D. headliners this year. You might have dreamed that The Shins were coming. We’re sorry if that prank disappointed you—but why not dream a little bigger? We’re thinking bands that could never play W.I.L.D. because they don’t exist in reality. Here are our five picks for the best fictional bands that Team 31 should book next year.

‘The River’

If you’ve watched any TV in the past month, there is a pretty good chance that you’ve seen commercials for “The River.” With its debut on Tuesday, it will join FOX’s “Alcatraz” as the two shows currently on air trying really hard to become the new “Lost.

| Cadenza Reporter


It’s hard to watch a television show with some sort of mystery these days without wondering if it can fill the void that “Lost” left when it ended in May 2010. Shows from “FlashForward” to “The Event” have tried to claim the title, but failed, and some spectacularly.

| Movie/TV Editor

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade wishlist

I record the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade every year, because, really, I’m not going to wake up to watch it live. Still, I find myself fast-forwarding through most of the balloons and floats, because they are either old-fashioned or just plain boring.

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‘Once Upon a Time’ looks to have a fairytale premiere

The promotional material for ABC’s new fantastical drama “Once Upon a Time” makes two things clear: The show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and it’s from the writers of “Lost.” Not a bad pitch for something described as a modern fairytale thriller.

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Editorial Cartoon | September 1 2010

Lost Live Blog – The Last Recruit

In this episode of “Lost,” we get explosions, showdowns, a character swimming what seemed to be a mile in the ocean, and some pretty cool convergence. Yay.

‘Miami Medical’

From Jeffrey Lieber, the co-creator of “Lost,” and Jerry Bruckheimer, executive producer of “CSI” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, comes “Miami Medical,” CBS’s newest medical drama. The pilot starts with a bang—a restaurant explodes, and a young couple is sent to one of the top trauma hospitals in the country, a place described as the “last seconds for a doctor to save your soul.

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Lost Live Blog – Everybody Loves Hugo

Live Blog – Everybody Loves Hugo – by Andie Hutner 8:01 – Everybody loves Hugo. That’s funny. Wasn’t there a season 2 episode called “Everybody Hates Hugo?” Yes, there was. And yay. Miles’s dad, Mr. Candle / Pierre Chang is giving his speech. 8:03 – Oh, I miss Libby! 8:05 – Michael. What are you […]

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