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Loop Trolley Transportation Development District seeks to revive the Loop Trolley

Leaders of the Loop Trolley Transportation Development District are hoping to resurrect the Loop Trolley after its 13-month run was cut short in December 2019 due to insufficient revenue.

Sulan Pathiranage | Contributing Reporter

Mr. Edwards’ neighborhood: Riding the Loop Trolley with Joe Edwards

We boarded the cream-and-blue-colored trolley car and sat on the wooden seating alongside one of the vehicle’s walls. As the trolley began to chug Eastward along the 2.2 mile line, I likened the feeling of its slightly bumpy, rocking motion to that of an amusement park tram.

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Scene Editor

Loop Trolley partially up and running despite various issues

After almost four years of construction and a host of complications, the opening ceremony of the Delmar Loop Trolley went ahead in Delmar Hall Thursday, although a winter weather advisory delayed its actual first run to Friday.

Curran Neenan | Staff Reporter

After years of setbacks, Loop Trolley to open

The Loop Trolley connecting the Delmar Loop to Forest Park is set to open Nov. 15 with an opening ceremony after numerous delays, requests for increased funding and concerns raised by small businesses.

News Editor

Staff ed: A streetcar named dumb

The Delmar Loop Trolley has obliterated taxpayer funds since it’s inception. It’s time for the people of St. Louis to stop paying for a pet project.

Loop Trolley construction inches towards completion

Students, St. Louis residents and tourists alike can expect a new way to get around the Delmar Loop as the controversial Delmar Loop Streetcar Trolley is on track to begin service this coming April after over a year of construction.

| Staff Reporter

Loop Trolley construction puts strain on small businesses, prompting fight for survival

The Delmar Loop, a popular stretch of commercial blocks near the Washington University campus that draws crowds from all areas of the city, has experienced significant change in the past several years. Its latest phase of change, however, has local business owners wary of their future on the Loop.

| News Editor

Trolley invokes nostalgia, trivializes everything else

“F— this trolley,” a friend said as we turned onto Delmar from Skinker, passing cars practically scraping side mirrors. The five lanes of Delmar have been condensed to two as construction for the coming Loop trolley makes its way down the street.

Clark Randall | Staff Writer

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