Preparing for the uncertain: LNYF adjusts to virtual practices

With only a short time between the planned campus reopening and the Lunar New Year Festival’s scheduled performance, the group has had to make changes to their process.

| Managing Editor

LNYF annual show dazzles with performances filmed across St. Louis

The club adapted their performance beautifully to follow COVID-19 guidelines and managed to perform a very cohesive program despite the need to perform completely virtually.

| Staff Writer

LNYF emerges into new year, celebrating what is yet to come

Explored through energetic dance performances and a moving skit, the theme of finding belonging was the major theme that tied LNYF together.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

LNYF highlights tradition, culture at the start of the Year of the Rat

This year’s Lunar New Year Festival, “Emerge,” focuses on overcoming challenges going into the new year.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

LNYF brings together 200 students in Asian cultural celebration

What started with fireworks bursting across Mudd Field ended in an incredible production featuring more than 200 members of the Wash. U. community.

Leah Hardgrove | Contributing Writer

‘Lunar New Year Festival: Rise’ shines the spotlight on community building

The Lunar New Year, which marked the start of the year of the rooster on Jan. 28, has been celebrated for centuries by people of eastern and southeastern Asian descent worldwide. This year, the cultural performance commemorating the holiday, “Lunar New Year Festival: Rise,” will take place in the Edison Theater on Friday, Feb. 10 and Saturday, Feb. 11.

| Theater and Dance Editor

A high-energy ‘journey home’: Lunar New Year Festival wows crowd

To all those who attended Lunar New Year Festival (LNYF) last weekend: I am sure you would understand why this show amazed me at every single step. To those who didn’t: I am sorry you missed out on the chance to watch such a high-energy, vibrant cultural showcase. I hope that by reading this you vicariously feel the thrill of the performance.

| Staff Writer

Keep turning up support to cultural shows, start turning down Yik Yak abuse

In the past few weeks, students have put aside their studies to showcase their singing, dancing, poetry and acting talents, and they have been rewarded with significant support from fellow students.

Last weekend’s ‘To Lead with Heart’ rings in Lunar New Year

Feb. 19 marks the Lunar New Year: the end of the year of the horse and the beginning of that of the ram. This past weekend, students, including many representatives of different Asian organizations on campus, collaborated in an annual production to celebrate the new year, honoring traditional dances and music from China, Korea and the Philippines.

| Staff Reporter

LNYF channels the Year of the Horse through skits, dances

Shrieks of joy and laughter broke the silence of Edison Theatre the moment two shimmering lions set foot—or paw, rather—onstage. As the creatures’ bodies looped and twirled, glittering against a blood-red backdrop, only the sneakers peeking out from beneath the fabric betrayed the students controlling their every move.

| Contributing Reporter

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