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The bops of our childhood, 10 years later

Now that it’s been 10 years since 2011 and I’m an almost-adult, I’d like to celebrate by revisiting some of my favorite songs from the year.

| Senior Editor

These are NOT bangers: songs about sex you definitely shouldn’t listen to during sex

Many artists have inserted their voices into this debate with a firm “YES” by writing these sex-themed songs, but they’re so bad that they made me think sex music just might not even be worth it.

| Staff Writer

Solo With Solove: Mr. Weezy Goes to Prison

Hip-hop artist Lil Wayne will be taking a vacation from his breakneck rockstar lifestyle, beginning tomorrow, as he kicks off his latest tour of the jail cell that he will be spending the next year in. Dwayne Carter Jr., or “Weezy F.

| Cadenza Reporter

Summer’s best music: 2008 edition

Long days… warm weather… being in, on and around large bodies of water…no school…not to mention Shark Week. We associate all of these pleasures with the summer season, arguably the most romanticized season of the year. It is a well-known fact that all seasons, particularly summers, have a soundtrack, and this year’s was no exception: It saw many high and low profile releases.

| Music Editor

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