Op-Ed: In remembrance of sandcastles washed away

Why have we stopped playing?

Aruni Soni | Class of 2023

I will never wear girls’ jeans again

They are too tight, too uncomfortable, and my thighs are too big, but it was for Halloween, and I chose to be a hipster. My friends and I planned it two or three weeks in advance: We would dress up as random counterculture groups and beg for candy at the Central West End as a nostalgic act of silliness.

| Staff Columnist

In defense of fun

Recently, I have been finding friends of mine complaining to me that they are not enjoying things that they do. This boggles my mind.
Why would you ever do anything that is not fun? That is what I ask them. The answers are invariably some form of either “I don’t know” or “because I have to.” Neither of those is a sufficient reason to do something unenjoyable.

| Staff Columnist

The specter of post-college

Charlie Low recently drew upon the deepest hopes and desires of thousands of past and current WUSTLers by writing the perennial mid-college coming-of-age column, entitled in his case, “Who wants to live in the real world? Not me.” I should apologize to Charlie right away, because he is going to be the whipping boy for […]

| Managing Editor

A not-so-thin line between life and sports

I used to think there were more important things in the world than sports. After all, if we say something’s “for sport,” it usually implies at least some level of diversion from everyday life. Sure there’s a competitive element, but ultimately this has to take a back seat to one’s well-being, right?

| Staff Columnist

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