LGBTQ+ Advocacy Leader Speaks at Gephardt Institute

Shira Berkowitz, Senior Director of Public Policy & Advocacy of the Missouri LGBTQ+ advocacy group PROMO, spoke about state-level LGBTQ+ rights and advocacy work at the Gephardt Institute on Oct. 17.

| Staff Writer

Washington University student starts LGBTQIA* helpline

Washington University junior Luka Cai is establishing a helpline at PrideCenter to serve the LGBTQIA* community in St. Louis.

| Senior News Editor

Op-ed submission: Nothing but Love: A demonstration of inclusivity in response to Jonathan Fisk

As students walked through their dorms this past week, they likely encountered a flyer entitled “The Original Diversity: Man & Woman in Christ,” which advertised a discussion led by Jonathan Fisk and hosted by the Lutheran Student Fellowship. Many of us probably passed this flyer by without digesting its hateful message.

Noah Heilenbach and Grace Kavinsky | Class of 2020

TV character sexuality as an identity, not a plot device

In the wake of Mac’s (second) coming out on the new season of FXX’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” I began to wonder about how the representation of sexuality in entertainment has changed over the 12 seasons of the show. Looking over the lineups of shows currently airing, it seems that the television industry is finally starting—emphasis on starting—to understand intersectionality.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Op-ed submission: Pinkas, pinkwashing and the politics of normalization

This Monday, on Nov. 14, Etai Pinkas made his way to our campus to give a talk titled “Marriage Equality and LGBTQ* Issues in Israel.” As an advocate for same-sex marriage in israel, Pinkas’ job was not to simply speak on same-sex marriage, but also to contribute to a larger narrative that contextualizes israel as a “liberal democracy” and a “safe oasis” amongst the surrounding Arab states.

Students for Justice in Palestine

Will America ever be great again?

This Tuesday, half of the nation mourned when one of the most repugnant men imaginable became president of the United States of America.

Lauren Alley | Staff Writer

Election issue profile: Gender issues

Over the next 8 weeks, the Forum section will be profiling the most pressing economic, political and social issues of the 2016 presidential race. We will examine the views of the top three candidates: Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Donald Trump—to give students an inside view on who and what we will be voting for (or against) in the upcoming election.

| Staff Writer

Transgender first-year student talks acceptance, campus resources

Aside from balancing a pre-med workload and adjusting to life in a new part of the country, Troy, a freshman from Palm Beach, Fla., is also transitioning from female to male.

Lizzi Kehoe | Contributing Reporter

LGBT activist delivers lecture on homophobia in Uganda

A Nobel Peace Prize nominee and LGBT activist spoke to a crowd of law students and community members about both his experiences as a gay man and his thoughts on Ugandan views of homosexuality during the 11th Annual Midwest LGBTQ Law Conference held at Washington University’s School of Law on Friday.

| Contributing Reporter

Campus sexual assault survey highlights need to serve marginalized populations

Attendees expressed concerns about how Washington University planned to address the high rate of sexual assault reported by transgender, genderqueer or nonconforming and questioning (TGQN) students at a forum to discuss recent campus sexual assault survey data.

| Senior Editor

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