An open letter to the chancellor

Washington University changed my life. The three years I spent at Washington University studying literature and finance prepared me for my doctorate work in philosophy of religion at the University of Chicago, as well as careers in academics and business. As an alumna of this fine university, I would like to give back, but I cannot in good conscience.

Jennifer Schuberth | Class of 1998

The email I wish Chancellor Wrighton would send out

Yes, I know what you might be thinking: “Oh, poor millionaire white man. How hard it must be to be the figurehead of a massive amount of resources.” And you are right: feeling any semblance of sympathy for my complex job as chancellor is ludicrous. Yet I maintain it is a difficult position.

Megan Odenthal | Social Work Student

More information on emergency response plans at Washington University

Dear Editor, In response to your March 9 editorial (“Expand the use of WUSTLAlerts”), I would like to share with Student Life a number of programs that are already provided to our WUSTL Community. Our “Where to Go” program is shared with our faculty, staff and students soon after they arrive at Washington University.

Mark P. Bagby, M.S. | Letter to the Editor

Open letter from The Bunny

Dear Graffiti Artist(s), I know you better than you might think. I see you walk past me on the way to the library, wearing your Wash. U. sweatpants. I’ve stared at you lounging on the green grass. And I sat helplessly on my haunches last Friday night as you desecrated and defiled me. I’ve never done anything bad to you, mostly because I don’t do anything, period.

2010-2011 Tuition Letter

A letter to the parents of Washington University students explaining the tuition increase for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Chancellor Wrighton responds to racism allegations in letter to Chicago Mayor

Chancellor Mark Wrighton responds to the allegations of racism against six Washington University students in a letter to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

Wrighton’s economic impacts letter lacks real understanding

I don’t know why the letter from Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton about the impact of the economic crisis on Washington University makes me so angry, but it does.

| Op-Ed Submission

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