Lessons from rejection

It’s April, the daffodils are blooming, and admitted students are touring the Washington University campus. In the last few weeks I have seen enough incoming freshmen to make me wonder whether the class of 2014 has already taken up residence on the South 40. But they haven’t yet.

| Staff Columnist

Freezing showers: Stories from an energy conscious country

I remember the good ol’ days, the 20-minute scalding showers that left my skin red and the mirrors steamed, the lack of environmental consciousness and the freedom to not care.

| Staff Columnist

Knowledge of humanity

In the past eight months, I have traveled to or lived in seven different countries, three distinct U.S. cities and made approximately 45 new friends. I thought it more relevant to take this first and welcoming issue of Student Life to encourage my peers here at Wash. U. to seek out similar lessons, even in what seems like an established and comfortable environment.

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