Discovering the galaxy (not so) far, far away: Spotlighting Sam Fox Art School fashion design students

As we are surrounded at Wash. U. by students embedded in the world of science, politics and business, the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts may seem like a galaxy far, far away.

| Scene Reporter

Burst pipe floods Lee

A pipe burst on the east side of Lee House on Thursday afternoon, causing the eastern and middle sections of the Lee 1 and 2 to flood with about an inch of water. Students on those floors have reported damaged property. Wet items were sent for dry cleaning that was paid for by the Washington University.

| News Editors

Traditional dorms make way for progress

All traditional freshman dorms on the South 40 will eventually be replaced by modern-style ones as a part of an ongoing process by Washington University to enhance the residential life experience. The current Rubelmann Hall, followed by Beaumont and Lee, are slated for demolition, according to Justin Carroll, assistant vice chancellor for students and dean of students.

| Contributing Reporter

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