“Sexual Political Economies of Slavery and Abortion” Lecture

Professor Adrienne Davis speaking in her lecture. Screenshot courtesy of Chloe Carlish*   As part of the new “Politics of Reproduction” course, law professor Dr. Adrienne Davis led a guest lecture, “Sexual Political Economies of Slavery and Abortion,” on Sept. 19. In the lecture, Davis draws comparisons between antebellum fugitive slave laws that allowed for […]

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Female NASA engineer, children’s author discusses career, research

Physicist, speaker, and NASA scientist K. Renee Horton, Ph.D., discussed the importance of inclusion, her work at NASA and her nontraditional educational path to a crowd of Washington University community members in Busch Hall Friday afternoon.

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Parikh’s keynote lecture addresses issue of women in immigration debate

One Washington University student said he is descended from a Macedonian mail-order bride. Another said his ancestors barely avoided immigrating to the states on the Titanic. The stories were elicited as part of associate professor Shanti Parikh’s lecture on Tuesday titled “Love, Sex, and Immigration: Regulating Population and Reproduction.

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President of National Academy of Sciences talks global warming to packed lecture hall

While humans may have created global warming, the problem is too significant to be solved by lifestyle changes, said Dr. Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences, to an audience almost filling Lab Sciences 300 to capacity Monday afternoon.

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Lesser-known academic events student should check out

A few weeks ago we ran an editorial that showcased some of the lesser known places of interest on campus that we thought you might have liked to hear about. It turned out to be a pretty popular piece, which got us thinking that maybe there were other events on campus that you’d like to be made aware of. We know that the Wash. U.

Hiroshima survivor warns of nuclear danger

On Monday, a small, quiet Japanese woman stood in front of about 100 students and faculty to tell a story.

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