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What to watch this week: Returning television premieres

Cool weather has finally returned to St. Louis, so the best way to spend your evenings is inside, curled up in front of the TV. Don’t miss your favorite returning shows like “Parks and Recreation” or “How I Met Your Mother.” Cadenza previewed what we think will be the best shows premiering this week.

The future of SVU

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Sick of homework? Watch the fall’s TV lineup

We know you have tons of free time at this university. No homework, right? Cadenza has the solution for you. Over 40 television shows are premiering this week, both new and returning, and we wanted to preview some of the most prominent ones for you. (And yes, we know you have no free time; That’s why we’re being helpful by only describing some of the shows.

‘Miami Medical’

From Jeffrey Lieber, the co-creator of “Lost,” and Jerry Bruckheimer, executive producer of “CSI” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, comes “Miami Medical,” CBS’s newest medical drama. The pilot starts with a bang—a restaurant explodes, and a young couple is sent to one of the top trauma hospitals in the country, a place described as the “last seconds for a doctor to save your soul.

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