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5 Halloween costumes we do not want to see

It seems that we Cadenza reporters often write about pop-culture-inspired Halloween costumes that we think would be awesome. We’re tired of the positive attention we’ve brought to some looks, so here are five costumes we absolutely do not want to see as the end of the month approaches.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

In Defense of: Lady Gaga’s Born This Way music videos

Lady Gaga released her second studio album, “Born This Way,” this past May, but up to this day she has been under fire for her use of uncensored sexuality, extreme messages, religious symbolism and overall obscurity in her music videos.

| Cadenza Reporter

What’s the point of the Grammys?

Time will tell if an album holds up better than any award can. The best music, anyway, is a subjective thing to each of us—in the end, it comes down to our preferences and tastes, no matter what an organization tells us is the best album of the year.

| Forum Editor

‘Born This Way’ | Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has the rare talent of always being able to live up to her own hype. She built up anticipation to the release of her single “Born This Way” by releasing snippets of lyrics to her Twitter fans and performing lines from the songs on awards shows.

| Cadenza Reporter

The Fame Monster | Lady Gaga

After just one album, Lady Gaga has already become a music, fashion and art icon.

| Cadenza Reporter

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