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It’s rom-com season, folks: Our favorites for Valentine’s Day

In case you couldn’t tell from your Twitter feed, today is Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re spending the holiday with a significant other, some friends or by yourself, we have some suggestions on what to watch.

Broadway in Hollywood: ‘In the Heights’ and the renaissance of the blockbuster musical

“In The Heights” is not the first movie of its kind in recent years, and it does not look like it will be the last. The past decade has seen a resurgence of movie-musicals.

Lydia McKelvie | Staff Writer

Understanding Wash. U.’s public stance on diversity

Washington University’s Twitter account—something you think about less than the rock museum in Rudolph Hall. Well, maybe until yesterday when the account congratulated the film “La La Land” on its many awards and how it “powerfully reflects race in Hollywood” while linking to an article written by a faculty member.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

How to talk about the Oscars without watching any film

If you make the calculations, you would need to dedicate approximately 4,952 minutes to watch almost all films nominated for an Academy Award this year. Luckily, you do not need to waste your time watching these films because I have created a thorough guide on how to successfully navigate conversations about the Oscars.

| Film Editor

Movies to catch up on from break

Over Cadenza’s month and a half hiatus, there has been an excess of film releases. As the student body gets back into the swing of the semester, we know it’s hard to find time to squeeze in all of them.

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