Narrow margins mark spring SU election results

A mixed slate took Senior Class Council and two groups failed in their appeals for block funding despite majority support in the latest round of Student Union elections. The results, announced Tuesday afternoon, represent the votes of nearly 41 percent of the undergraduate student body, making the election the most competitive in recent memory.

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Breaking down block funding

Every year, Student Union allows student groups to appeal for a lump sum directly out of its general budget. These funds, called block funding, allow groups to pay for long-term, high-cost initiatives without going through the typical allocation process.

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KWUR appealing for funding to replace decades-old equipment

KWUR may not have come off the air, but its transmitter was functioning at below 10 percent of its original capacity last week when the group hired engineers from the Society of Broadcast Engineers to check up on its equipment. “They laughed when they saw our transmitter,” senior Robert Ling III, treasurer of KWUR, said.

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KWUR local music showcase to progressively rock the Gargoyle

Though Wash. U. metro passes are often viewed as a godsend, they only get us to places where the public transportation reaches. When those of us without cars venture into the greater St. Louis area, it is usually with a destination in mind. This unfortunately means that many don’t get to experience the life of the St. Louis local, especially the local music scene.

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Thee Oh Sees, Paper Diamond headline upcoming KWUR Week shows

its 19 year history, KWUR Week has striven to bring upcoming artists to WashU’s campus, peaking 5 years ago when concert organizers brought Of Montreal to The Gargoyle’s stage before the band made it big.

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Rocking out to KWUR

Situated in the basement of the Women’s Building, the KWUR studio is one of the most frequently visited, yet least known sites on the Washington University campus. Every day, dozens of students file into the space to broadcast their own shows to the campus community via web and 90.3 FM.

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Hidden gems of Wash. U.

While acclimating to the geography of Wash. U., freshmen should know that there is more to each building than bricks, windows, and—in the case of Elliot Hall—a more modern approach of concrete. Here are the less obvious places within those buildings that will help us adapt to our home for the next four years.

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KWUR Week is now officially upon us

Hey, guys! KWUR Week 2010 starts Wednesday, so I hope you’re ready for four nights of underground and local bands in the Gargoyle. Every night, the doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 8:30 p.m. Make sure to go­—after all, not every week is KWUR Week (man, wouldn’t that be crazy).

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KWUR attracts listenership with new content

Washington University’s student-run radio station KWUR is working to diversify its music offerings with live in-studio performances and its first ever DJ showcase.

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SU postpones executive committee restructuring

After preparing student groups for a budgeting change with an information session Monday night, Student Union postponed plans to vote on executive committee restructuring during the Treasury meeting on Tuesday. In an e-mail sent out to executive committee members, Student Union (SU) Vice President of Administration junior Jeff Nelson stated that he wanted to ensure […]

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