Katy Tur

Students bring attention to campus issues on ‘Live with Katy Tur’

Washington University students spoke about campus issues for the live taping of MSNBC’s “Live with Katy Tur” outside of the Danforth University Center Thursday, Oct. 11.

Jaden Satenstein | Contributing Reporter

A conversation on voter engagement with Katy Tur

MSNBC “Live with Katy Tur”—one of the cable network’s afternoon news programs—filmed live outside the Danforth University Center at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. Student Life had the chance to sit down with Tur after the show and ask her a few questions about her time on campus and her thoughts on student voter engagement.

| Senior News Editor

‘Live with Katy Tur’ to film on campus Thursday

The filming, part of Tur’s “Battleground College Tour” of U.S. campuses ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm elections, was originally supposed to take place at Clark University in Atlanta, but projected inclement weather from Hurricane Michael forced the show to find an alternate location, and Washington University stepped in.

| Associate Editor

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