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Kashmir Relief Fund

Back to Diwali: 30-year anniversary brings energy to WU community

Diwali, presented by Ashoka, celebrated its 30th anniversary this weekend with dancing, theatrics and music. This year’s performance marks decades of bringing a spectacle of sound, color and, most importantly, light to the Edison Theatre.

Lydia McKelvie | Staff Writer

‘Spurring dialogue’: Ashoka raises funds for Kashmir Relief Fund through Diwali

Dancing, expression, fashion, music and skits will all combine at the Diwali showcase this weekend, Nov. 8 and 9. Diwali, a typically Hindu festival celebrated by individuals across the South Asian diaspora, started on Sunday, and the holiday will last throughout this week. Ashoka, the South Asian Student Association at Washington University, puts on their annual showcase of the same name.

Marc Ridgell | Contributing Writer

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