Cadenza’s hopes and wishes for the Super Bowl halftime show

Coldplay is the headliner for this Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, and, while that’s nice, many other scenarios would be more exciting, which is why none of Cadenza’s (largely implausible) hopes and wishes for the performance feature Coldplay performing any of its songs.

Cadenza picks the top moments from the Grammys

Sunday night’s Grammy Awards show was one for the books, although this can’t really be credited to the show’s performances. Although the three-hour bonanza was jam-packed with over 20 performances, few stood out. Most artists opted for their slower tracks, preferring vocal prowess and emotional showmanship to crafting any real excitement or energy. However, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t some standout performances or awards among the snooze-inducing stretches. Here are our staff’s top three most remembered moments from the 57th Grammy Awards.

2013: The ‘Year of the Establishment’

It’s been a great year for music. So was last year, and the year before that. Next year will be a great year for music, as will the year after. With the seemingly infinite number of songs released every 12 months, there’s bound to be a number of great releases that find their way to the ears of casual listeners and critics alike.

| Music Editor

Summer music roundup

4, Beyoncé  On her latest release, Beyoncé struggles, throwing everything she has at her audience and still leaving them unfulfilled. The ultra-private performer doesn’t seem genuine, and it’s hard to get into the mid-tempo ballads that make up the majority of the album. While “Who Runs the World (Girls)” attempts to add a splash of […]

| Cadenza Reporters

In Defense Of: Lil Wayne’s rock and Kanye’s pop

Upon the release of Lil Wayne’s seventh studio album, “Rebirth,” the hip-hop community once again saw a stream of criticism over a rap icon’s departure from his roots. The record—founded on rock music but laced with rap vocals—reveals a side of Wayne we have never seen before. Over the past 13 years, Weezy has made himself into one of the rap game’s leading stars.

Bill Chapman | Cadenza Reporter

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