Whispers Cafe overhaul expanded beyond initial blueprint

The Whispers Cafe renovations that began as a simple countertop replacement expanded into a much larger project than Dining Services initially expected.

| News Manager

Fitz’s teams up with other local brands to develop new flavors

Fitz’s, a St. Louis-based restaurant and bottling company regionally famous for its root beer, has now partnered with other local restaurants to create new flavors. The bottling company teamed up with other local restaurant favorites to develop a co-branded Ginger Beer with Pi Pizzeria and a Coffee Cola with Kaldi’s Coffee.

Kaldi’s Coffee: A superior choice for students

In recent years, coffee has evolved from an early morning pick-me-up to a product to be slowly savored and enjoyed. In large part, we have Starbucks to thank for this trend, but one question remains: has the corporate titan remained top dog? I would argue that they stay true to their mission, but they have failed to progress in a meaningful way.

| Scene Reporter

Internet hot spots near campus

As the school year winds down and exams pile up, you may notice that study spots on campus are getting more and more crowded. Instead of waiting to pounce on the next available study carrel in the library, consider doing your work in one of these conveniently located places.

| Managing Editor

How to really enjoy that morning cup of Joe

I started drinking coffee this semester after the lifestyle of a premed biology major and a senior editor of Student Life finally caught up with me. I began buying the foul beverage for the caffeine, but last week, I discovered that great coffee not only provides the caffeine I desire but also can grace the palette much like a fine wine.

| Associate Editor

Kayak’s gets even more local

A change in ownership looks to alter the way Washington University students and Skinker-DeBaliviere residents think about coffee. Earlier this month, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co. assumed control of Kayak’s Coffee.

| Managing Editor

Best brunch spots near Wash. U.

The story behind the creation of brunch is as mysterious as its purpose: Is it breakfast or is it lunch? Regardless of its founding, brunch has become a college tradition that lets students sleep in late and recover from the night before. While there are satisfying brunch options on campus, there are plenty of other […]

| Senior Scene Editor

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