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WU receives record number of applicants

Washington University received a record number of applicants for the class of 2021, with the final total coming in at more than 30,464 students who applied, Chancellor Mark Wrighton announced to the board of trustees Friday. The total number of applicants reflects a 4 percent increase from last year, which saw 29,197 applicants, and a 28 percent increase since 2008, with 22,005.

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Changes coming to 2016 SAT exam to have minimal effect on prospective students, according to admissions office

Changes are coming to the SAT—but not, it seems, to the Washington University admissions process. At the beginning of March, the College Board announced a variety of changes to the SAT as a response to criticisms from teachers, parents and students.

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Applications surge, echoing US trend

The number of applicants for Washington University’s Fall 2011 entering class increased more than it has in the past decade this year, rising 15.57 percent. Like many colleges across the nation, Washington University has witnessed a steady increase in applications in recent years. However, this is the first year that the number of applicants increased by double-digits, an almost 100 percent increase from last year’s 7.94 percent rise.

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Travel grants help students choose Danforth Campus

For about 20 years, Washington University and other top-ranked U.S. universities have set aside money to provide travel grants for high school students who cannot afford a trip to visit the college.

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