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jordan zipkin

Student-launched Craigslist clone for students, expands to six schools across the country

A budding business run by two Washington University undergraduates is the second student business similar to Craigslist to launch on campus in the past year. Symblia was created by juniors Seth Einbinder and Jordan Zipkin earlier this semester.

| News Editor

Bear Deliveries ‘clarification’ muddles the recipe further

In Friday’s Stud Life, Mr. Taub and Mr. Zipkin, the founders of the new “Bear Deliveries” program, attempted to clarify the design of the planned service. However their description of the program appeared to have several inconsistencies and demonstrated a clear lack of vision.

Alex Kaufman

Bon Appétit, students work on bringing room service to South 40

Walking outside for food will soon be optional. Sophomores Jordan Zipkin and Philip Taub are working with the Bon Appétit Management Company, which operates the campus eateries on the South 40, to implement a service that allows students to order food online to be delivered directly to their dorm rooms.

| Staff Reporter

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