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Op-ed: A eulogy for John McCain

Let us not forget the selfless sacrifices John McCain made to serve his country by fighting in the air force as we systemically destroyed Vietnam.

Christian Ralph | School of Engineering Graduate Student

Letter to the editor

Mr. Lundergan’s editorial on the “deification” of Senator John McCain is simply lousy. Mr. Lundergan’s concern is not with the praise for Senator McCain; it’s with celebration of someone who he disagrees with.

Michael Rosengart | Class of 2013

John McCain and glorifying prominent people

The role that politicians play in our society makes it misguided, even irresponsible, to eulogize their passing without acknowledging their failures. We risk obfuscating, justifying and glorifying these failures, even ones that have substantial and wide-ranging impacts on peoples’ lives.

| Staff Writer

WU students vote with nation, elect Obama

Proving the improbable, the University student body aligned with the American public to make history by electing Barack Obama as the 44th and first African-American president of the United States on Tuesday. Putting an end to the longest presidential campaign run in history—it started almost two years ago, Obama won a landslide victory, securing wins […]

While I was canvassing for Barack Obama last week, two McCain supporters stopped me on the street, demanded to know how I could vote for a candidate who supports baby killing and angrily dismissed the idea that I, as a mere 19 year old, could possibly be capable of making an informed political decision.   […]

A tragic metamorphsis

I’m not going to lie: To a long-time McCain supporter, it must seem almost ridiculous that he would have to directly declare his separation from the man whom Garrison Keillor, saint that he is, will only refer to as the Current Occupant.

| Staff Columnist

Bill Clinton stumps for Obama in Kirkwood

Former President Bill Clinton stumped for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama in the St. Louis area Monday, speaking to a crowd of 6,000 at nearby Kirkwood High School as a part of the Obama campaign’s “Change We Need” rally series.

| Contributing Reporter

Making a case for the Republicans

I found Dave Shapiro’s recent column, “Republican vote takes more than just taxes,” presumptuous and offensive.

| Op-Ed Submission

Some reasons I’m against Obama

If I say “Supreme Emperor for Life,” what name pops into your head? Augustus, Napoleon, maybe Palpatine?

| Staff Columnist

McCain, Obama plan to improve higher education funding

With students applying for federal financial aid assistance in record numbers this year, the financial fate of college students may be impacted by who the next president of the United States will be.

| News Editor

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