Contention over exams on religious holidays: Students express frustration, faculty explain scheduling decisions

Large lecture classes in the hard sciences, engineering, and computer science departments have scheduled evening exams on major religious holidays in recent years. Students and faculty have faced challenges in accommodating religious observances when exams coincide with holidays, despite Washington University’s implementation of a policy to mitigate this issue. 

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University hosts Sababa Jewish festival

Washington University hosted The Sababa Festival, an exhibition of Jewish arts and culture, on Sept. 18. 

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Hadag Nachash

Tomorrow, Hadag Nachash will arrive all the way from Israel to play a free concert at The Pageant. Although you may not have heard of them, Hadag Nachash—which literally means “The Snake Fish” in Hebrew—is one of the most popular, well-known bands in Israel.

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RE: There is no free Shabbas Dinner

At the risk of legitimizing a baseless and ill-spirited letter, we as leaders and students of all stripes in the Jewish community here at Wash. U. feel compelled to raise our voice in support of our two rabbis on this campus, Rabbi Hershey Novack and Rabbi Andy Kastner, who were attacked in a letter to Student Life on the eve of Rosh Hashanah.

Jeremy Rose | Chair of Conservative Minyan

Matisyahu: Unplugged

With his hands resting on his legs while sitting onstage in a high-set chair, Matisyahu commanded his quietly captivated listeners Thursday with the performance of three serenely delivered acoustic songs in a blend of words, hums, beatboxing and other sounds.

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Matisyahu set to entertain a large crowd

As of Monday evening, close to 600 guests have confirmed their attendance at Thursday’s “MATISYAHU” Assembly Series event inside Graham Chapel, which holds a maximum capacity of 750. The campus groups co-hosting the reggae, rock and hip hop-fusion American Hasidic Jewish artist Matisyahu also reserved May Auditorium in the Olin Business School as an overflow seating area.

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How to prepare for Yom Kippur

To all my Jews out there, put your hands in the air…Yom Kippur is here, and you know what that means: some serious atonement and an empty stomach. You are about to delve into the most in-depth and comprehensive guide to tackling the holiest of days. Excessive liberties will be taken, and the possibility to offend is high, because, hey, I’ll be forgiven in two days.

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Noted scholar on Middle East to discuss threats facing Israel

Renowned Middle East scholar Michael Oren will deliver a speech on the threats to Israel’s existence to University students and the St. Louis community at the 560 Building on Thursday evening at 7:30. Oren’s lecture will address many of the problems facing Israel today, including terrorism, threats from Iran, the nation’s military arsenal and changing demographics, among others.

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Church of hate

There are many things both in centuries past and in recent years for which to criticize the Catholic Church. They range from brutal instances of warmongering slaughter during the Crusades, to complicity in the forced conversion of Eastern Orthodox Serbs in Croatia during the Holocaust, to shuffling child-raping priests between parishes so as to avoid […]

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