Jenny Murphy

Is it journalism anymore?

Wednesday afternoon, four scholarly sculpture students picked up the most recent issue of Student Life, which featured Dennis Sweeney’s “-isms & -ities” (Student Life, Feb. 4). This column was a review of a show we just put up. Sweeney probes the reader to question why art is made, how it is valid, what inspires art […]

Economy poses no threat to Kemper

With the recent news that Brandeis University will be closing its Rose Art Museum, many are concerned about the future of Washington University’s Kemper Art Museum. Brandeis University is closing its art museum in an effort to alleviate some of the stress placed on the liberal arts school by the economic crisis. There appears to […]

| Staff Reporter

Installation artwork set to highlight violence in media

A student’s art exhibit, “American Patriotic,” highlights the role of violence in movies and the influence of those movies on American society.

| Senior News Editor

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