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Mid-semester Facebook update

A Facebook newsfeed look into the updates on the Washington University campus of the past half semester.

Exceed Haiti donation goals

On Jan. 12, a devastating earthquake struck off the coast of Haiti, near the capital, Port-au-Prince. Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Its ability to provide for its people has long been a national problem unto itself. Now, a country already effectively devoid of infrastructure is undergoing a humanitarian crisis whose horror is difficult to overstate. Food, water, and basic medical supplies are scarce, travel and communication difficult. Though the rescue efforts continue, the task now at hand is the care of Haiti’s thousands of sick and dying and the maintenance of what social order Haiti still has left.

VIDEO: Jeff Nelson interview

Student Union President Jeff Nelson talked to Student Life about a number of events within SU this week, including the passing of multiple “green” resolutions, the recent SU Executive resignations, and SU’s interaction with the University on its recent financial struggles, as well as new projects like an SU-funded system of grants for student initiatives. […]

Metro supporters getting ready for another try at tax measure

The St. Louis County government said on Monday that a transit sales tax measure similar to Proposition M could appear on the county ballot this April, as a coalition of transit advocates ramps up its campaign efforts.

| Copy Chief

Ferguson assumes administration position, resigns from programming

Junior Nate Ferguson, former vice president of programming of Student Union, was confirmed as vice president of administration by both SU Treasury and Senate this week. Ferguson promised to rework the internal processes in SU by increasing communication within the body and communicating with student governments in peer universities. Ferguson’s appointment comes after former Vice President of Administration Trevor Mattea’s resignation in October.

| News Editor

Mattea to resign as vice president of administration

Student Union Vice President of Administration Trevor Mattea announced Monday that he would be resigning from his post in two weeks. His resignation is the second for the Montana administration, raising questions about Student Union’s internal efficacy.

| News Editors

No need to pretend

Eve Samborn’s unstated campaign to become a tabloid writer is off to a great start.

Dione Drew | Op-Ed Submission

Pretending to be President Obama?

Jeff Nelson’s unstated campaign to become the Wash. U. version of President Barack Obama is off to a great start.

| Forum Editor

Online calendar to be launched Tuesday

Tomorrow, Student Union (SU) is scheduled to launch The Link, a new interactive online calendar accessible to all members of the campus community.

| News Editor

SU Executive Council taps sophomore class president for VP of public relations

Student Union Executive Council is nominating Sophomore Class President Morgan DeBaun to fill the post of vice president of public relations, following former officeholder Courtney Reeves’ resignation Wednesday. Student Union (SU) Treasury voted unanimously to confirm DeBaun on Tuesday night. The nomination, announced by Student Union President Jeff Nelson in an e-mail last weekend, now […]

| Senior News Editor

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