Jazz at Holmes: The intersection of classical music and modern jazz

With the return of Jazz at Holmes, Professor William Lenihan introduces a unique and historical twist to jazz through classical compositions.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Senior musicians on using quarantine as a growing experience 

Senior musicians Mitch Frauenheim and Aalisha Jaisinghani reflect on how COVID-19 has shaped their experiences this fall.

Grady Nance | Staff Writer

The band behind Brasshouse: A conversation with Too Many Zooz

Too Many Zooz formed in the New York subway system and recently blew up as a result of a viral video, the band will perform at Off Broadway Friday, Feb. 7.

| Staff Writer

Jazz at Holmes showcases student performers

Throughout the fall semester, students at Washington University and the public can enjoy free live performances by noted local and regional jazz artists from 8-10 p.m.

Merry May Ma | Contributing Writer

From blues to hip-hop: Music lover’s guide to St. Louis

Dubbed the gateway to the West, St. Louis sits at the center of the United States, enabling the city to absorb the cultures of its surrounding cities.

Katherine Dawson | Freshman Press Writer

Understanding Wash. U.’s public stance on diversity

Washington University’s Twitter account—something you think about less than the rock museum in Rudolph Hall. Well, maybe until yesterday when the account congratulated the film “La La Land” on its many awards and how it “powerfully reflects race in Hollywood” while linking to an article written by a faculty member.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

Jazz at Holmes Lounge: An uplifting, relaxing and fun experience

Last Thursday, I decided to walk all the way from Danforth House to Holmes Lounge at 7:45 p.m., hoping I would make it in time for the 8 p.m. weekly jazz performance. The night promised “An evening with Young Musicians of St. Louis featuring Kevin Cheli, Mark Wallace & the Peter Schankman Band.”

Anusree Natraj | Staff Writer

‘Cheek to Cheek’ by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Did anyone ask for this? Anyone? You? You asked for this? Listen, I get it. It sounds crazy enough: a collaboration between Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, singing jazz standards no less.

| Music Editor

Led Zeppelin and wild zebras start a jazz band

Led Zeppelin zonked the Zambian paparazzi yesterday when the zealous rock band announced that their next album would have a heavy jazz-influence. However, the zaniest, jacuzzi-sized, dizzying announcement was yet to come: Zeppelin will record with album with wild zebras. “People call us crazy, but Zeppelin has always zigged when others have zagged,” Jimmy Page said. “This isn’t navel-gazing.

Zeb Lazerath | Local Jazz Enthusiast

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