The Blueprint 3 Tour

In “My First Song,” hip-hop megastar Jay-Z starts off the track with two simple questions: “Y’all wanna know why he don’t stop? Y’all wanna know why he don’t flop?” I obviously related the lyrics to the artist himself: Jay-Z has yet to stop, and he has yet to flop. I’ve been an enormous H.O.V.A. fan ever since he first taught me about big pimpin’ in fifth grade.

| Cadenza Reporter

Celebrities give thanks

Celebrities give thanks As Wash. U. students, we all have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but celebrities have more

The Blueprint 3 | Jay-Z

Jay-Z attempts to continue his reign as one of the best in the rap genre with the release of his 11th solo album, “The Blueprint 3.” While his newest album is undoubtedly superior to that of most other rappers’, it is also one of his weakest. Let’s check into some of the more notable tracks, as some of them further cement Jay-Z’s greatness while others take him down a notch.

| Cadenza Reporter

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