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30 Rock

A comedy’s third and fourth seasons are akin to litmus tests of how a show will fair in the future. For example, “Seinfeld” didn’t lose a step in seasons 3 and 4, and from there it stayed consistently funny until…well, until its last episode. On the other hand, “Scrubs” began to show its cracks by the end of its third season, and was in complete free fall by season 5. The same goes for “Weeds.”

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A love letter to… Jack Donaghy

Jack Donaghy: Lemmon, I’m impressed! You’re beginning to think like a businessman Liz Lemmon: A Business “Woman” Jack Donaghy: I don’t think that’s a word   Dearest Jack (or as Don Geiss likes to say Jacky-Boy),               I am writing this letter not to testify how you’ve helped make “30 Rock” one of the […]

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