Observant Muslim housekeeping staff struggles to find places to pray

Although some practicing Muslim housekeeping staff find space in campus buildings to pray daily, others cannot find sufficient space and do not have time to search elsewhere.

| Staff Reporter

Author and historian Reza Aslan talks religious extremism, foreign policy

Reza Aslan, a religious historian and long-form journalist, spoke on Tuesday in Graham Chapel on the subjects of faith, extremism and democracy.

| Contributing Reporter

A platform for peace

“In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” During the week of Sept. 22, this advertisement was displayed at 10 subway stations in New York City. It was created by Pamela Geller, the executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), and paid for by that organization.

| Contributing Writer

Free Speech and the Netherlands

It may have been somewhat obvious to some that burning the Koran, however stupid, offensive and despicable it might be, falls within the realm of protected freedom of speech. However, Europe has taken a quite different, and much more, restrictive view on freedom of speech.

| Staff Columnist

Olin wins grant for program in Israel

The Olin Business School has won a grant supporting the creation of a new study-abroad program in Israel. The business school will send students to attend classes at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel and have them intern at Israeli companies.

| Contributing Reporter

Atatürk: The struggle for the soul of his country

Since the establishment of the Republic of Turkey by Kemal Atatürk on Oct. 29, 1923, the country has been fully entrenched in the Kemalist legacy. In 1928, the Turkish Constitution was amended to remove the phrase, “The religion of the State is Islam,” thereby making secularism the de jure replacement within the country.

| Staff Columnist

France asks anthropologist to testify on burqa debate

The burqa debate is back on in France, and a Washington University anthropologist has become part of it. The French government has asked anthropology professor John Bowen to testify on the matter, as a parliamentary commission is investigating a possible ban on burqas in public places. France banned burqas in public schools in 2004.

| Contributing Reporter

Conservative speaker to address Islamic extremism

Dr. Daniel Pipes, a conservative columnist and activist, will speak on campus about issues involving extremist Islamic groups Tuesday night, prompting a range of reactions from conservative supporters to Muslim detractors.

| Contributing Reporter

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